Digital register receipts provide numerous advantages

Personal data protection and anti-waste laws are a wonderful opportunity to move to electronic receipts. There are three advantages. Legal compliance. A digital and paperless user experience for your customers. Your customer view is reinforced.

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Stop printing register receipts and go digital!

It’s no mean feat to put digital register receipts in place whilst keeping sight of legal constraints, checkout service levels, user experience best practices and CRM team needs.

The more payments to process, the more complex checkout becomes.

Socrates la Demat’ is our e-ticket SaaS. Coupled with EdgarPOS, the Limpidius cashier component, it processes a wide range of details that are almost impossible to anticipate at a project’s start.

Consolidate and supplement your single customer view!

Digital e-tickets are the best means for completing a customer file or collecting email addresses that come with consents.

Connect the collected data with a Single Customer View (SCV) Protect checkout services from untimely redeployments when the SCV evolves.

Homer the Customer tells you this and more with an original e-ticketing approach built around consent management.

Enhance your customer accounts!

There are two common methods for delivering digital receipts to customers: email and/or making them available on the retailer’s customer account.

Making e-tickets such as register receipts, bank card receipts and coupons available online adds value and accelerates customer account creation.

Nestor Stores is the Limpidius service dedicated to publishing e-tickets on retail web and mobile sites as well as management of guarantees.


The French anti-waste law as well as COVID have forced retail stores to move away from printing register and debit card receipts, coupons and more. 

Now is a perfect time to move to dematerialised register tickets. It’s not easy to simultaneously put digital register receipts in place whilst keeping sight of legal constraints, checkout service levels, user experience best practices and CRM team needs.

The Limpidius publishing brick offers digital register tickets that cover a wide range of details that are almost impossible to anticipate at a project’s start.

See how Limpidius dematerialises register receipts.

The Limpidius magic potion

We are designed for growth

Digital e-ticketing is the first step in a much larger process. Firstly, there are social and environmental impacts. Teams progress when they reference a system of values that are fundamental to the company.



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Do you have an e-ticket project?

The following are major questions to ask.

You no longer have a choice. The anti-waste law means that if you dematerialise your register receipts, all must be digital: register receipts, bank card receipts, discount coupons, vouchers, and more. ALL register receipts must be digital.

Rather than implement an e-ticketing system you must put in place an e-ticketing and anti-waste system.

The Limpidius Approach

N’oubliez pas que la loi AGEC ne mentionne nulle part le ticket de caisse numérique. Il n’y est question que de “non-impression papier” des tickets de caisse. En conséquence, quand bien même vous mettrez en place un dispositif de ticket de caisse électronique, il vous faudra également cesser d’imprimer les tickets papier, même pour vos clients qui ne souhaitent pas recevoir de e-tickets par email.

Besoin d’un petit rafraîchissement sur la loi AGEC et ses conséquences sur les tickets de caisse? Dans la base de ressources de Limpidius, vous trouverez tous ces articles sur le sujet:

Most retailers have “traditional” registers. However self-service checkout is growing exponentially in supermarkets and superstores, and mobile checkout is becoming increasingly common with fashion retailers. The e-ticketing and anti-waste system you implement must cover all types of checkouts.

Limpidius handles this through its publishing module..

Keep in mind that the success of your digital register receipts is in the hands of cashiers working on traditional registers. Pre-registering a customer’s email is an essential step in the project and will simplify checkout. Making digital receipts available to loyal customers only minimises the impact on checkout as there is less to input. However, it’s very interesting to include all customers to maximise additional points of contact.

The challenge is to find the right balance for your retail outlet. Limpidius helps you do just that. Contact Us . Let’s talk.

What’s most difficult with the GDPR is how to handle collecting customer email addresses with a digital register receipt. It’s only when backed by consent that the customer’s email address can be clearly input to the database. The best practice is where the customer can change their consent directly. That’s the case with self-service checkout, consents in emails or consent forms modified by the customer in their online account. It is still quite common for the cashier to register the customer’s oral consent but that’s not a best practice. 

Need a refresher course on GDPR and its consequences on register receipts? You’ll find all the following articles on the subject in the Limpidius resources database:

What’s more, the Limpidius
Homer le Customer service was designed with this concern in mind.