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Our task

Transactions in all shapes and sizes

Our task is to simplify transactions without forgetting to minimise the environmental impact.

That may not seem like much and yet, it covers major subjects:

  • transaction documents (we are known for register and bank card receipts)
  • identification for automated transaction processes
  •  payment
  •  expense reports
  •  documentation linked to purchased products
  •  management of guarantees



We look for the greatest impact we can deliver on all fronts. We search for an approach where 80% of the problem is solved with 20% effort.


Innovation is not in and of itself, an end. It is a means to solve problems. Venturing into unknown territory to look for solutions doesn’t scare us. We are innovative.

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Less thermal paper
Promoting sustainable mobility

Limpidius employees often opt for bicycles. We do everything we can to promote them to do so such as a sustainable mobility pass.

Limpidius commits to promoting sustainable mobility.

Promoting training

Limpidius recruits interning students and apprentices at Limpidius with an aim to hire them long-term. 

Limpidius commits to offering internships and work-study designed to lead to permanent company employment.

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Promoting innovation

Listening to our clients means welcoming problems to be solved. We believe that innovation is a wonderful means for ridding customers of nuisances.

Limpidius commits to dedicating 30% of its turnover to developing innovative solutions.

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Limpidius is a complete and integrated suite of services designed for dematerialised register receipts and the anti-waste law. Placed end-to-end, the different vertical products deliver simple and tangible solutions for new issues raised by e-receipts and no longer printing register receipts.

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