Our mission

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What do we do?

Limpidius collects or creates, delivers or stores, enhances or generates value from all numerical transaction documents, making them useful and handy.

Our mission to the retailers

Such a vision implies a specific mission for retailers, our first customers. 

Limpidius helps retailers keeping in touch with their brick&mortar customers. We provide ways to keep a relationship with customers after the check out.

That is what we have been dealing with so far.



2 reasons explain why the relationship is often lost after the checkout:

  • Retailers can’t communicate with their customers just since no contact point has ever been collected or because the existing contact is actually not… contactable
  • Retailers can’t communicate with their customers just because they don’t have their consent (GDPR)

Limpidius solves both problems.

Push contents, offer services

Once contactable, keeping in touch means coming up with a content strategy. Like adding up targeted offers to opt-in customers by instance.

Services are also helpful for this aim:

  • warranty management
  • targeted coaching
  • notices

All services legitimate to e-commerce should also be considered legitimate to brick&mortar stores.

That is the path Limpidius is treading on.

We fulfill our mission through an e-receipt platform that plugs on the existing retailer infra-structures.